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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bookbinding and Printing machineries occupying a large chunk of economy

Printing and Binding jobs are always having their fair share of significance in our society. Book Binding Machines and equipment used to manufacture machineries for Printing Books have a large market presence in the industry. Precision binders, hot melt binders, creasers, folder and grueller machines are manufactured by major Printing and Binding equipment manufacturers.

Exporters and importers of bookbinding machines have a huge scope to explore. Export and Import figures of Offset printing machineries were $ 2.46 million and $7.65 million respectively .Finding the business owners, buyers or sellers of bookbinding and printing machinery is made super easy now.

Kompass India binding your business associates
The turn overs in the bookbinding and printing machinery equipment are remarkable, as newspapers to publishers need the machineries to continue their business. Kompass offers them the right platform to interact with the most feasible business relationships with the deserving associates and grow further.

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