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Monday, March 4, 2013

Let’s know more about Hand Tools and Related Equipment in farming

There are tons of hand tools and related equipment across every industry. We need to make sure that the right varieties of tools are used in the right sector, in order to fetch the best results.Shears, razors, masons’ and miners’ tools, work benches, pliers, files and chisels are the most common hand tools used in different industries, as per their requirement.

So now we would jump to the world of agriculture and farming to explore the tools and equipment used there;
Hand tools in agricultural jobs, when used improperly can result into physical injuries, loss of crop and bring financial losses as well. It is important to learn and get trained, as how to use them in your farm safely.

The learners need to get equipped with devices and objects like protective clothing, safety gears and the hand tools and related equipment, learners manual as well as visual aids to start the learning process.

The common tasks involved in a farm are;
Weeding, soil preparation, fences and trellis systems, harvesting, planting, harvesting, irrigation system and maintaining structure as well as application of fertilizers and herbicides, agrochemical pesticides are the most common processes.

The tools and equipment used by hand to carry out these activities are shovels, spades, picks, hoes, forks, small hand tools, harvest tools, simple power tools, scissors to shape up the plants and a lot more.

These hand tools used in farming are sometimes sharper and would hurt you gravely, in case you miss using them properly. Always stay alert and focused while working with them. Stay safe and harvest a lot.

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