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Monday, February 4, 2013

The hazards of playing with the wrong Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Fighting Equipment are meant to protect us from the hazards of fire born accidents, but using the wrong equipment at wrong time would certain leave you in a complete dilemma. So, make sure to take adequate training on fire and safety equipment handling, to prevent putting your and other peoples’ lives in sheer danger.

As per common knowledge, water is the best fire extinguisher, but people rarely know that it would increase fire that broke out of petrol like fuel; because the carbon-oxygen bond within petrol breaks rapidly to emit oxygen that further aggravates the fire.

  • Hence, understanding the place, kind of fire and the best way to tackle it with minimal damage to life and structure engulfed within the fire zone, would allow you for better performance and an upper hand in the particular situation.
  • Using ineffective fire fighting equipment would negatively affect the firefighter’s capability to handle the situation. Well encountered fire would die soon, without causing much havoc, but wrong equipment certainly lack the power to protect the property and lives trapped within the breakout. A single fire engine is incapable of managing multiple-target fire emergencies, whereas a firetruck or hose would seldom create enough pressure to extinguish fire beyond a four storey building.
  • Life risking structural damages would be easily avoided, in case proper fire fighting measures are taken while selecting the equipment & training the firemen to the best of their ability. Using a powerful pressure hose could certainly weaken the already burning structure and make it collapse with the double force of fire.
  • A wooden house is easy to burn and break, when water with too much pressure is sprayed on it, whereas an old vintage house may be already weak from inside and plenty of heat and water would destroy the adhesive material to giveaway and loosen the grip. As a result, the structures might be easily collapse, causing too much loss of property. It can break the house as well as people in and around it, at any given moment of the operation.

Life threat to people trapped within the fire is often noticed, while firefighters use tools and equipment that are loaded with oxygen-gobbling chemicals. It absorbs the oxygen and puts the fire off, but it might kill the people trapped inside by robbing off the last traces of this living gas within a closed and compact room. Heavy pressure hoses of water are no doubt the best tools to decrease the fire damage, but they may affect badly, to the people who are already within the fire and take their lives.

The damages with fire are irreversible, so make sure to handle fire and safety equipment after proper training.

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