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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Automobile Exhaust and Cooling System spicing up your vehicle’s longevity

It’s not only the fuel that keeps your giant machine up and running. Going places is at your hands, when the vehicle you own has the perfect automobile exhaust and cooling system. The exhaust system of an automobile affects the overall performance of the vehicle. Better the cooling and HVAC system, higher the performance of the overall engine of a vehicle.

The heat pump of a vehicle plays a significant role in the exhaust and cooling system of an automobile. Keeping the engine cool is the basic functionality of a cooling system and the exhaust system circulates cool air into the engine and pushes out the hot sir out of the engine. An engine of an automobile cannot function when it’s too hot or too cold; in short the temperature needs to be maintained at its best, to suit the vehicle.

An air conditioning system of an automobile is a part of the exhaust and HVAC system, where the heat sources are;
  • Thermal air from the ventilation air inside the cabin
  • Thermal energy in the outside air 
The heating performance of the engine depends on the external factors such as weather, outside air temperature and speed of the vehicle. When a heat pump uses outside air, heat source is applied to the air conditioning system of an automobile.
A heat pump in the exhaust and cooling system of an automobile that uses outside air is capable of enhancing the energy efficiency of the vehicle and reduce the cost, due to the simple structure, even if exposed to extreme outside temperature.

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