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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love to Learn? Try making Men Shirts at home

You have a sewing machine and a flexible hand that can do basic sewing; then it’s a best way to show your hubby that you can gift him something worth proud to be.You are happy that you saved money and he is pleased to receive a gift so adorably crafted for him at home. Sewing shirts for men is not that tough, all you need is his correct measurements. Don’t worry, in case you are afraid that it won’t stay a surprise anymore. Just get a shirt from his wardrobe and start your secret project.

Make a note while purchasing the fabric, so that you won’t find it tough to sew the shirt. Various labels are mentioned in the pack of fabric, where you get the pattern of a formal, casual or party wear shirt.Prefer to buy a pack that denotes basic sewing pattern, to get maximum results.

Fix the pattern size and follow the drawing to cut the fabric. The drawing mentions the type of fabric used for specific kind of pattern, so while buying fabric, keep it in your mind. It would save you from making any mistakes.

As you already have his shirt size, there is no problem in determining the amount of fabric needed. Properly measure the neck, chest and sleeve length, shoulder of the shirt, so that you come out with the best shirt you have ever made.

Once you cut the pieces, start sewing them as per the instructions mentioned in the manual. When everything is sewed and done, make the button holes of the shirt and sew the buttons by hand or through your sewing machine.

Now iron the shirt and wrap in a gift box, keep it in your room, where he will see it the first thing when he enters. He unwraps it and voila!!! Starts blushing with that pride on his face and praises your efforts from the bottom of his heart.

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