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Friday, March 15, 2013

Maintaining Hygiene and longevity of cute ready-made clothes for children and babies

Babies and children of all ages have cute and pretty ready-made clothes to wear.Keeping the clothes moth and germs free, you need to take ample care. The soft fabrics of baby clothes and children wear can get damaged if you miss to take ample precautions.

Cotton, silk, woollen and other fabrics are used for manufacturing ready-made clothes for children and babies. Every cloth needs a separate method to maintain its longevity and infant and kids wear needs that extra care and love to stay longer.

Keep every type of clothing separate from each other, so you know the thumb rule to take care of them together. Keep moth balls in the clothing cupboard and protect the clothing from getting spoilt by moths and cockroaches.

Tiny clothing items like hand gloves, socks, caps and aprons need to be air dried, if they are made of silk or woollen materials. But make sure to keep them for an hour in sun to get rid of the germs. Use antiseptic liquid diluted in water, for the final rinse of infants clothing.For kids undergarments follow the same procedure and dry them under the sun.

Larger clothes of kids and babies need to be folded after being ironed properly. Don’t over soak the clothes, as the detergent might spoil the fabric in the long run. Make sure the detergent leaves no residue that can be harmful for the babies’ skin. It might cause severe allergy or rashes.

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