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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Advantages of Electric Motors

Motors usually are available ina variety of dimensions and designs as compared to the last few decades to suit industrial, commercial as well as household environment. With the efficiency motors deliver they are evident in almost every simple as well as complex task. However among the many kinds of motors, electric motors are the best as they are light and affordable.

Some of the common examples of these motors used in simple applications are in various electrical devices like fans, mixers, car etc. These motors are well known as a robust and reliable standby source of ignition engine.

But they do not have a relatively equivalent competitor to replace their potential or characteristic. They are segregated into AC and DC motors generally. These kinds of motors are known for their characteristic advantages, so all the major brands which manufacture electric motors have adopted innovative approaches and advancements to promote their vitality in the industrial structure.

Some of the distinct advantages which are exhibited by electric motors are elaborated below, to establish the superior nature of electric motors in comparison to other sources.
  • They have a unique design, which makes them sleek yet compact portable, thus installing them is very easy. 
  • They deliver premium performance, which is superior compared to devices operated on fuel sources like diesel or petrol. 
  • They are an efficient choice as they are operated using power and do not rely on a fuel source. 
  • Friction is seldom a nuisance in these motors as there is no loss due of friction, as the energy is directly converted into acceleration constantly. 
  • They are affordable as no special maintenance; coolants are oil treatments are required. 
  • Heat produced is minimal and so there is no noise. 
  • They are among the few environment friendly resources as there is no release of pollutants due to fuel combustion. 

They are widely appreciated as they are cleaner and greener resources to help save the diminishing natural resources due to pollution. Another vital fact which makes electric motors, popular is their superior control structure, easy installation and maintenance.

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