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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creating an Automatic Animal Feed system at home

We have a large variety of animals and birds that meet our everyday needs. From dairy to poultry, fishery to livestock, there are various kinds of food stuff available for your pets or animals that you grow for business purpose in your farm.It is not possible for you to be there and feed them round the clock, so automatic Animal Feed dispensers are the best option available at hand. This way you don’t have to worry about your pets and livestock, when you go overnight to catch up with friends or a family outing.

The Animal Feeding machines at the market are bit expensive, but it is possible to set up one at home too. The things you need to setup a livestock feeder or animals feeding machine are; small plastic boxes with 8.5 X 6 inches, water cooler bottle with 5 gallon capacity, sand paper, marker, dry animal feed and Dremel tool with spiral cutting attachment.

Take measurements of the water cooler bottle, by keeping it over the centre of a small plastic box and mark the opening. Using the spiral cutting tool make the whole, cut with the dremel tool to remove the circle. Smooth out the rough edges of the cut out hole.

Now make a whole at the short side edge of the plastic box, with 3 inch length and 2 inch height. Use the dremel tool to cut and sandpaper to smooth the cut. Through this opening animal feed will pass from the bottle and land in the plastic box. From the plastic box it will reach the feeding bowl that is kept in a place easily accessible by the animals.

Keep the small box, in a bottom up condition and put inside a plastic dish pan, keeping the cut out whole free from touching the dishpan.

Now fill the bottle with dry animal feed, inserting the mouth of the bottle in the cut-out whole of the small plastic box’s bottom. As the animal keeps feeding themselves, the more food is pushed out of the bottle to the dishpan.

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