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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Protect yourself while applying Insecticides to the plants

Chemicals used to protect crops, plants and flowerbeds from insects are broadly called as Insecticides. Pest controls and insecticides are very essential to minimize the diseases and infections to plants in your yard.

Spraying the insecticide without hurting yourself is of utmost importance. It’s your responsibility to minimize the damage to the environment by the pesticides. Let’s have a walk to get through the pesticide application process.
The things you will need, for pesticide application are safety goggles, garden sprayers, pollen or dust masks and neoprene gloves.

Let’s jump start the process of fungicide or bactericide application in your garden or yard plants.

  • Make sure that the sprayer is clean and sprays with desired pressure, rather than the liquid dripping from the nozzle. First check with water and then fix the errors before filling the pesticide chemical.
  • The insecticide chemical should be mixed with water as per the guidelines mentioned in the label. Carefully clean all the devices and equipment after filling the sprayer.
  • Maintain the pressure inside the sprayer tank, while screwing the sprayer opening tight.
  • Wear your safety gears such as goggles and neoprene gloves, before touching the insecticide spray.
  • Spray the pesticide on the upper and lower part of the leaves, the most common place for insects to hide.
  • Clean the tank of insecticide after you spray it completely on the plants. Don’t let it get in contact with your skin, otherwise skin irritations may occur.
  • Don’t let the water run into freshwater streams, as it may contaminate the water and make it harmful for the fish and water bodies living there.

Stay healthy and keep your plants insect and pest free. At the same time keeping yourself out of any allergic reaction and skin troubles, due to the chemicals of the pesticide.

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