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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Internal Combustion Engines the secret energy boosters

We get energy from various sources, ranging from the food we take to keep us going to engines that drive our motor vehicles. There are plenty of internal combustion engines allocated at various giant machineries, in order to drive them for the best performance they can.

These internal combustion engines are divided into various categories, such as rotary, reciprocating and rockets. Now we need to step further and elaborately discuss the further classifications.
Rocket internal combustion engines are again of two types, Ram jet and Pulse jet. Rotary engines are of three varieties; Jet engine air craft active, Wankel engine automobile and gas turbine air craft power plants active.Gas turbine engines are medium to lower, Wankel engines are small and jet engines are small to medium in size.

Reciprocating internal combustion engines are diesel engines for automobiles and are small to medium in size. Multi fuel engines are implemented for industrial and automobile sector, actively running a small to medium size engine. Petrol or gasoline engines are for automobiles, actively running smaller engines. Gas engines are effectively running small to medium size automobiles in an active state.

The reciprocating internal combustion engines are all in one machines that work on their own, as they are highly efficient and run with comparatively expensive fuel. Gas turbines require a compressor and are of low efficiency with cheaper fuel. It is suitable for the aircrafts engines. Whereas the rotary engine substitutes the reciprocating engine and a Wankel engine has 3 lobe rotor which is being eccentrically driven in a case.

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