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Monday, March 25, 2013

The beautiful world of Manmade yarns and Twists

India is shining with its true colors from festivals loaded with colors, to food and the variety of fabrics, twists and yarns splashing their vibrant hues.The fabrics and textiles industry retains their colourful aura, all because of manmade yarns and twists.

These yarns and twists are either machine loomed or handloom products.As per the word yarn goes, it is nothing but a continuous strand of textile fibres, knitting material, filaments and weaving in order to form fabrics for the textile industry

Yarns and twists are basically utilized for fabric manufacturing but apart from that embroidery and sewing threads, strings and ropes are also made up of the yarns. Yarns are divided into 2 categories depending on the length of the fibre.

Filament yarns are long and are made of continuous filament fibres.Spun yarns are made of small staple fibres. Filament yarns and spun yarns and twists are manufactured in very different ways.

There are varieties of yarns depending on the twists that a fibre has. A single yarn is a spun yarn or filament yarn. In a multiple wound yarn there are two or more similar or dissimilar components without anytwisting operation to form a fibre.

A plied or folded yarn uses single yarns twisted once, using two or more components, whereas cabled yarn consists of multiple components for multiple single yarns and twists to for a fibre.

The basic uses of yarns are as follows;
  • Filaments are used for manufacturing soft fabrics with low or no twist.
  • Low twist yarns are used to weave bulky sweaters, napping and pile in towels.
  • Average twisted spun yarns are used to make woven fabrics.
  • Plain and crepe weave fabrics come with high twists of crepe yarns. 

Manmade Yarns and twists goes hand in hand, the more the twist the stronger the quality and strength of the fibre that makes the final product. But excessive twisting can go on the opposite way altogether.

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