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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Distribute water efficiently?

Saving water and adopting various conservation techniques has become a priority for all, with the shrinking water resources. So hoses have transformed to efficiently ensure the distribution of water. Hoses are also known as pipes commonly however, depending on the specialised chores they are accordingly designed and customised.

With the increasing demand of hoses manufacturers have also evolved to accommodate industrial as well as household applications. There are also provisions made by manufacturers of hoses to deliver performance with the use of simple installation techniques. Materials and the technology used to make the hoses-handy, light weight. Often with the made to order option the pipes are customised to suit the specific demands of the industry. While manufacturing hoses are also passed through quality analysis to check the pipes
  • Do not corrode
  • Resist pressure
  • Withstand temperature 

Mostly all the hose pipes are made to suit a specific application as they allow to efficiently transport liquid, gases and semi-solid substances. With the popularity of the pipes many kinds of accessories are used for example nozzles, sprays, plugs etc. which control the flow of liquids.

Some of the common applications which use pipes to distribute solutions are listed below elaborately.
  • Garden:Pipes are a boon for gardens. They help in watering plants and maintaining a lawn or garden which can be difficult. Garden hoses are easily available and accessories help to make them portable for example sprinklers, reels etc.
  • Agriculture: This process is a seasonal affair as farming depends on rain and climatic conditions. Some of the complex processes simplified are drip and sprinkle irrigation.
  • Emergency:In natural or electrical hazards like fire, they are the best tools to dispense water to pacify the fire and save property and people. Pipes are assets of firefighters, as without which combating fire is difficult.
  • Brake: Pipes which efficiently manage air braking system are used in locomotive engines, railroads, cars, trailers etc.
  • Automotive: In cars to deliver fuel to the engine as well to heat or cool the car from within hoses are used.
  • Hospital: Many fluid solutions and gases are distributed within the hospital like oxygen etc. with the use of hoses.

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