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Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Avoid Insulation Failure of Electric Motors

Generally the functioning of the el­ectric motor depends on the magnets which are integrated within to generate motion. Largely the principle on which these motors work is magnetism which is generated within.

Motion is created due to the polarisation of the magnets along the North and South poles respectively as the repelling forces constantly create the revolution.One of the major factors which cause insulation failure commonly in electric motors is due to overheating. Electric Motors are versatile and hence are used extensively in industries. Often to avoid heat exchange maintenance and using efficient lubrication is best.

Following certain professional standards is vital as these standards are aimed to prevent corrosion of the insulation motors as per the guidelines stated by experts. Usually adhering to such standards ensures that the life span of the motors is enhanced.

  • Always maintain a temperature range below 10 degree Celsius.
  • If the electric motor in use is subjected to a constant 10 degree Celsius, then regularly service, to prevent corrosion and abrasion.
Some of the other major factors which are often overlooked, which cause overheating and over a period of time make motors faulty include 

  • Overload:Within the motor, load is generated if a desired voltage is exceeded due to the motion of the stator. The best way to control overload is to maintain a reduced temperature of the amount of heat within the motor.The most efficient range is maintaining heat levels from minimum of 10hp to maximum of 200hp,however this range may vary depending on the task the electric motor is used.  
  • Power Control: It is not always impossible to make available a constant range of power control typically especially in industrial environments as sometimes there could be scarcity of resources. Also often for efficient use power options need to be accelerated accordingly to attain desired output. 
  • Service:With the advanced of the technology and the premium standards available, accuracy and maintaining regularity is important. So while servicing it is important to trace the reasons of overheating and to find solutions. 

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